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We offer a wide variety of natural stones that are handcrafted by the finest artisan.


Calacatta Marble

The dramatic, dark grey veining of Calacatta Marble is unlike any other marble in existence. The contrast between its white background and chain-link pattern makes it an easy stone for making bold statements. Calacatta Marble is honed and sealed for a satin finish that highlights the stone's bold vein patterning and striking contrasts.


Volakas White Marble

Volakas Classic Marble is an elegant and creamy stone from Greece with subtle veining that will add a touch of class to any design. The natural beauty in this material has been carefully curated for those looking for something more unique than just another white or light-coloured marble.


Black Forest Marble

The Black Forest is a gorgeous natural stone with an intricately detailed background. The polished surface of this Brazilian granite gives it the perfect amount to stand out in any space while still being subtle enough not to overwhelm everything around you with its beauty.


Rosso Levanto Turco

Rosso Levanto is a red marble from Turkey. The dramatic red facade of Rosso Lepanto boasts a rich blend of deep, rich tones. The combination between Merlot and mahogany forms an incredible depth and intricacy, complemented by shimmering webbing in porcelain veining.


Ice Jade Marble

Ice jade marble is a bold and beautiful stone that can be used to create striking focal points in any room. This gorgeous stone is reminiscent of a glorious rainforest with its exquisite organic tone.


Calacatta Viola Marble

Intertwining the captivating and contemporary with luxurious Italian marble, Calacatta Viola is a true statement piece. The deep burgundy veining in its midst adds an elegant touch to any design while blushed hues give it more life.


Italian Travertine

The Italian travertine is a captivating, unfilled stone that has been characterised by an ivory-coloured background and darker veining. Inspired by the richness and purity of this ancient stone, BOVA reinterpreted this delicate material for the modern world. Our Italian Travertine is honed and sealed for a satin finish with visible pitting that reveals the beauty and character of each piece.


Black Marquina Marble

If there were ever a stone that captured the essence of modern décor, it would be this one. Originated in the North of Spain,  this deep black marble with delicate white veining creates an eerily beautiful monochromatic look for any setting.


Saint Laurent Grey Marble

The addition of crackling veins on a dark surface lends this limestone an elegant feel. This honed natural stone easily matches the colour of your interior and adds class and style to any space.


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