Luxury Custom Hotel & Hospitality Furniture

Supporting business and creating custom solutions with exceptional quality, style, and value is at the core of our service. Bova is proud to partner with the leading high-end custom commercial furniture manufacturer in Asia and Europe. With over 30 years of experience, our manufacturer has collaborated with some of today’s most prestigious brands and international designers in crafting custom pieces for global hotels and restaurant groups.

Hotel Projects

Bova has the capacity and versatility to design, build and assist in the creative endeavours of architects, product designers as well as interior designers. We are enthusiastic about our pursuits in the realm of the creative process.

Restaurant & Bar Projects

Bova is equipped to handle any size project. No matter what type of furniture you need, we have the skills necessary for your needs- from bar countertops or luxurious sofas all way up through large scale installations with thousands in seating capacity.

Offices & Retail Spaces

Bova works closely with interior designers or creative business owners in creating custom furniture, ensuring heirloom quality and inspirational design. The experience of quality materials and good design elevates our senses. This is what Bova strives for: the inspiration that design and beauty can bring.